Since its very inception in 1984, the principle that has always guided our law firm has been the observation of the highest standard in the practice of our profession, undertaking the representation of the rights and interest of our clients on the basis of best practice policies, juridical and interdisciplinary expertise and an absolute observance of the legal framework discipline and the norms and ethical principles that govern its practice. We are a team committed to such principles, bringing together experience, knowledge, sound criteria and innovation to create comprehensive legal solutions to respond to the needs of our clients, providing personalized counseling.

Our Studio

Trust - Experience - Creativity.


Specialization - Strategy - Commitment.


We represent the interests of our clients in litigations of a civil, commercial, and administrative nature, being heard at ordinary and extraordinary courts. The work we do is strategically planned to face litigations in the most efficient manner. We are experienced as much in procedures as in substantial matters. Our arbitration practice focuses particularly on areas such as construction, contractual liability, and corporate conflicts.


Counselling in workers employment and dismissal processes, auditing, legal compliance and due diligence practices. Active participation in collective bargaining processes, whether regulated or unregulated, defining strategies and intervening in the drafting of related termination contracts. We provide advice to clients in labor related claims and proceedings, including those derived from dismissals, infringement of fundamental rights, labor immunity, labor related accidents and illnesses.


We provide comprehensive advice to our clients in the execution of their transactions. From negotiation of the commercial and legal terms, the implementation of same, the reviewing of tax related aspects, up to their financing and corporate governance aspects among others.


Our experience also includes cases of insolvency, liquidations, reorganization and restructuring agreements, representing, judicial and extra judicially, financially indebted companies, creditors and participating third parties.


We advise our clients through all phases of real estate development, i.e. land acquisition or long-term leasing; their most convenient way to finance them, construction contracts, co-ownership regulations and generally the management of all assets.

Practice Areas